About the Website

This website was set up to provide students with easy access to support, guidance and revision for English Literature and Language, specifically the AQA specifications.


My aim is to produce posts that are straightforward and easy to digest, and that cover a range of topics and texts as well as other musings and writings that may prove useful, interesting, and/or stimulating for students.

It’s important to note that the resources on this website are not lessons. They can be used to accompany English lessons, or as wider reading, but on their own they are going to be lacking the depth that will be present in an actual lesson or sequence of lessons. The majority of resources here have been designed and are intended to be used to support exam revision and preparation.

Primarily, this website was established to help students, whether that’s to simplify a complex and intimidating plot from a Shakespearean play, or whether that’s offering last-minute pointers and tips prior to sitting an exam. All posts are designed with this objective in mind.

So, have a look around! I hope you find it useful.