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A revision app which aims to help GCSE students remember key quotations from the AQA English Literature specification.




'QuoteMaster' is an educational app designed with the intention of helping GCSE students prepare for their English Literature exams. The AQA English Literature exams are 'closed book', meaning that students do not have access to whole texts in their exams. As a result, students must revise and remember key quotations from a selection of different texts, ranging from Shakespeare, to 19th Century literature, to poetry.

The thought of having to memorise so many quotations can be quite daunting for many students, and so the primary purpose when creating 'QuoteMaster' was to try and make this process simpler (and, possibly, more enjoyable). The app itself is made up of several different topics, each one being a text taken from the AQA specification. Once a topic is selected, students can complete a multiple-choice quiz that is made up of questions based entirely on key quotations from these texts. Students can test what they already know and identify areas in which they need to focus more revision time. The quizzes have no replay limit, so students can return to the quizzes as often as they'd like to try and improve their previous score. 

The questions for each quiz are randomly pulled from a bank of over twenty-five possibilities, meaning that each attempt will contain different questions to the previous one. Furthermore, the highest score of fifteen out of fifteen could be achieved, but students can then go back and replay the quiz with a different selection of questions being given on the same topic. This repetition of seeing the quotations and answering the different questions will hopefully work to aid revision and embed this knowledge.

Over time, new texts will be added to 'QuoteMaster', each with their own unique quizzes, so that eventually most of the key texts covered by the AQA GCSE English Literature specification will be included. The app may also be useful to students who are studying to sit an exam that may be from a different exam board, but that covers the same text.