Reading Response Paragraph

When writing a response, structuring your ideas in a clear, organised way is essential in order to gain higher marks. Below is one such structure that can be used.

NOTE: This structure is a guide and should be adapted depending on the type of response you need to write. For example, if you are writing a comparison, you will need to change some aspects of the structure below to incorporate comparative elements.


Make your point and bring in evidence from the text to support this. Usually the opening line will rephrase the question.


Explain how and why your quotation supports your point.


Offer a second interpretation of your quotation. What else could it suggest?


Zoom in on a specific word/phrase/technique from your quotation and discuss its effects in etail. This is a good opportunity to include some subject terminology.


Zoom back out and discuss the overall impact. What emotional impact does it have upon the reader? Why do you think the writer used this technique? What were they trying to convey?