Word Types

Being able to identify different word types is important in order to use subject terminology.

NOTE: Be aware that the same word can have more than one 'type' depending on how it is used in a sentence. For example:

"The burning building." - Here, "burning" is an adjective as it describes the building.

"The building was burning." - Here, "burning" is a verb as it tells us what the building is doing.


The things/objects in a sentence.

"The dog barked at the door."


The action word in a sentence.

"The man ran across the road."


A word that describes a noun.

"The fluffy cloud stood alone in an otherwise clear sky."


A word that describes the verb/adjective.

"The woman shouted loudly."


A word that replaces a noun.

"He wasn't happy with us."


A word/phrase that tells us about the location of a noun.

"The ball flew over the fence and somehow landed under the table."